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Yes, lives of quiet desperation. How beautifully that expresses it. And, as Thoreau, who first wrote it, adds, “… and dying with their song unsung.”

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The first is that our global worldview shift from its present competitive You OR Me worldview to a cooperative You AND Me worldview.

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The third stage of life, Elder, is the stage for which our first two stages, Youth and Adult, were intended to prepare us..

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What makes the ‘pause’ in Menopause?
Where went Elder?
Crones Should Rule the World
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Harvey W Austin Elders Rock!

Elderhood has a capital E.  Elder is a STAGE of life, not an AGE of life. This book is unique and powerful. It will help you become that rarity - a Wise Elder, a Joyous Elder. This book is for you who yearn for the happiness, enthusiasm and centeredness our later years can provide us. Elderhood is full of aliveness, joy and creativity; our birthright. Join me on this journey. Use this book to coach yourself to live a life you love.  Your family will be better for it and you will leave a more powerful legacy. And the world will be a better place because you have lived. "The best is yet to come."

History is a story.

Elders Rock!This book is a story about how the world got to be the way it is. It is not a story about who, what, when and where. Nor is it about which nations conquered others. Rather it is a story painted with the broadest of strokes. It is the most basic story of all, a story of shifting worldviews.

No history can ever be a true story, implying that this is really the way it happened, because all stories are told through a filter. All are subjective and have both a point of view and a purpose. The history of a war, for instance, is usually told from the point of view of the winner. One told by the loser would be strikingly different.

This story’s point of view stands outside the confines of most histories. This place of observation allows you to examine two human worldviews. The first of these, the You AND Me worldview, generates and supports the Elder stage of life. The second, our present worldview, You OR Me, does not.

My intention is for this book to support your co-creation, with others, of the evolving worldview of You AND Me, wherein all life is celebrated and no one is left out.

In Book Two, I present the technology of training yourself to become an Elder. This is the heart of the book. This knowhow is based on my own forty years of knowledge and experience with self-training models that work. The ultimate goal is to restore Elderhood to its natural and respected position as the Third Stage of Life ― wise, compassionate, and cherished.
This, I believe, is critical for humanity’s upward evolution.

I have chosen to use feminine gender pronouns in this book, ‘she’, ‘her’ and ‘hers’. This may seem awkward for the male reader: I ask you to please be willing to adjust. Woman is culturally evolving to take her rightful powerful role in our world and I wish to honor and underscore her importance.

Harvey W. AustinDr. Harvey Austin is a pioneer.
He is a board-certified surgeon following thirteen years of education following high school.  He founded the Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery, the first free-standing and exclusively cosmetic surgery facility in the Washington D.C. area. It has grown to be one of the largest non-university cosmetic surgery practices in the U.S. 
His powerful philosophy is that cosmetic surgery can be transformative.  That cosmetic surgery is not intended to conceal.  Rather it is designed to support people to transform their lives by having their outer appearance match their inner beauty, thus enhancing the quality of their lives.
An internationally known surgeon, He has pioneered surgical procedures and has authored medical articles and chapters in medical texts.  A charismatic speaker, he has lectured to surgeons in Belgium, Brazil, Mexico and Sweden. 
 Dr. Austin often refers to himself as an “artist with a medical background”.  He considers cosmetic surgery the highest art form.  As an artist, he sketches faces, works in free-form wood and sculpts in clay.
 He is a writer and leader, founding the Archimedes Writing group, an international group of writers, editors and publishers from nine countries.
 He is a major donor to The Hunger Project and has spent time in India, Senegal, Burkina Faso and Bangladesh.  
His work has been featured on national television shows, including Oprah and The Donahue Show, and in national publications, including Allure Magazine and People.  He has been quoted several times in Reader’s Digest. 
 A powerful Elder, he lives in Florida with his wife, Ellen and two dogs. They have nine children, six of which are adopted, and 19 grandchildren.
 He is a world-class thinker, an insightful and down-to-earth visionary with a powerful vision for the future of humanity.

Silent Steps of Grace at Amazon

If you truly do not want to sign up to be on our mail list, then  click here to purchase Elders Rock! for only 99 cents.  We are grateful for your support and hope you give us a fair review once you finish the book! If you have trouble finding the reduced price, in your country do a search in your amazon for ASIN B015YHVQU6.   Gratitude.


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